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iPad in Education

May 28th 2013   |

Taking a look at the technology used for teaching in schools, this is ranging from desktop computers and laptops to mobile devices, from the Apple driven devices to the Google/Android based devices; in this context the iPad occupies a place of it’s own.

When taking into account mobile devices, there are many considerations: hardware and software, technical specifications, user experience and price. When it comes to user experience, which includes the overwhelming number of apps availability, the iPad is in a world of its own.

No wonder why more and more schools, teachers and pupils are looking at the iPad as the way forward in education.

There are schools in UK where every pupil has an iPad and probably many other schools aim to go in the same direction when budgets permit.

The iPad device

- Stimulates educators to revise continuously their teaching process.
- It allows integration with other specific devices used in education.
- Brings a new learning opportunity to millions of children: it stimulates the imagination and creativity.
- Does not require IT training time.
- Fast start up time.
- Easy to carry.
- Allows books and other education materials to be stored, no additional weight to carry.
- It is online enabled through its Wi-Fi built-in capability.
- Can be used anywhere and at anytime. Practising on a journey home or on evenings/week-ends/holidays gives the added factor that makes the educational process highly stimulating and creative.
- It is highly interactive: teachers with pupils and pupils between themselves while self-study remains just as attractive.
- It gives endless opportunities for playing and learning.
- It is an elegant product which has a high “cool” factor that makes it so desired.

The facts and figures speak for themselves:

- 81% tablet web traffic comes from iPad**, 65% US school districts and 96% Fortune 500 companies are piloting or deploying iPad *
- There are over 300,000 apps designed for iPad which are enriching the user experience and pushing the device technically to the limit*.

Adriana Bennett

* – Source: Apple

** – Share of U.S. and Canadian tablet web traffic. Source: Chitika February 2013 Tablet Update.


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