SightRead4 Bowed Strings

A revolutionary technique to improve Sight Reading for Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass players

Sight reading requires a specific technique to be able to perform continuously a piece of sheet music which you have never been seen before.


The SightRead4BowedStrings app is training the brain and the eye to look way ahead of the bar that is being played, understand and recollect what follows in order to play FLUENTLY.

This method does not allow you “to look back”, there is only one way to look – forward!


The benefit of this powerful technique is enormous, mistakes are quickly eliminated and therefore fluency is rapidly developed.


• Teachers have an ideal tool at hand to explain students what they need to do to play better and become better musicians.

• Students love the technology and are able to use the app reliably at home and become more confident and creative.

• Parents have now the opportunity to help their child when practising at home.


Download now!

Each download will come with streamed music from a Tasmin Little CD.

International recognition

Tasmin Little OBE, a concert violinist and recording artist with an outstanding international career has edited the bowing and fingering on the upper grade compositions (6 – 8).

How to improve your sight reading skills further?

Get more out of your sight reading practise by first of all finding your most comfortable level (it might be two grades lower than your performance pieces!) and gradually increasing your confidence as you train your brain and eyes to “keep going”.

Simple way to purchase

The app is available in a range of packaged ‘bundles’ giving consumers purchasing flexibility in blocks of grades, e.g. Grades 1 – 5  and Grades 6 – 8.

Additional features

Dyslexic users of the SightRead4BowedStrings app will appreciate the facility whereby the colour of the screen can be changed to green. Likewise, those with hearing problems will benefit from the subtle flash incorporated into the metronome as an option – coloured pink during the ‘countdown’ and white during performance.

What they are saying about us..!

“I am thrilled with this new teaching tool – I look forward to seeing the progress our students make”.

Laura Braken – Head of music, John O’Gaunt school, Berkshire

“An old-age problem has been dragged into the twenty first century… The app allows students to practice at their own pace and, indeed, in privacy, which can sometimes help if confidence is an issue”.

Guy Weatherall – Classical Music Magazine

“I have just purchased the app and this wonderful scientific and pedagogical approach is just what I and my students need to be able to learn sight reading better and gain confidence.

It is also much easier for me now to tell them what to do! Thank you”

Joanne Wade – Head of Music, Strings and Orchestra at St. Thomas Senior Secondary School, Woodridge

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