Where do I get the app from?

Apple iTunes App Store - simply create an account and search for SightRead4...
or follow these links:

Can the app be used on an Android device, a laptop, PC, MacBook and iPhone

At the moment, the app is available only for iPad and iPad Mini.

Why is sight reading so important?

A fluent sight reader learns to play music pieces more quickly, can explore repertoire with more confidence and can make music with other people in a rewarding and enjoyable manner.

What are the standard levels of study/grades?

There is music for all levels/grades: from the beginner level to the advanced level (grades 1 to 8).

Why the metronome is not working?

Please make sure that your iPad is updated with the latest iOS software. This will often clear problems such as an inaudible metronome click.

I find it very difficult to sight read the music for my grade. What can I do?

Try practising 1, 2 or 3 grades lower than your performance pieces until you feel confortable and reach gradually the level/grade you are actually at.

Can I buy volumes of music for my school on the apps to be downloaded across a number of iPads?

Yes, please contact us at for details.

Can I buy volumes of music for my group of students?

Yes, please contact us at for details.

Are you planning to introduce new features?

Yes, improving users’ experience is our top priority. If you have any suggestions, please contact us at

Can the app/s teach musical notation?

The app is a tool to improve reading at sight and therefore an understanding of basic musical notation is a prerequisite.

Can I vary the speed of the sight reading attempt?

Yes: the metronome can be adjusted between 40 and 120 bpm.

Is the screen only black and white?

For dyslexic users, the screen colour can be changed to green.

I have several hard-of-hearing pupils – can the metronome be amplified?

For the hearing-impaired, a flash is combined with the metronome – pink in countdown, white during performance.

Is the app free?

The app is free to download from the Apple App Store. There are also free samples on each app for each grade. If you wish to try more music this needs to be purchased using “Buy more music” button.

I bought a new iPad, do I have to purchase my music again?

No. All you have to do is to synchronise your new iPad with your iTunes account used to purchase the music previously and the SightRead4 app will be downloaded automatically onto your new iPad.

I am not familiar with the term “sight reading”, could you please explain?

Sight reading is reading and performing music from sheet music without preparation specifically when the performer has not seen it before. This technique is also called “a prima vista”.

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