SightRead4 Guitar

As with the previous Apps, SightRead4Guitar is a unique method of training pupils to sight read.

The SightRead4Guitar app on the iPad trains the brain and the eye to achieve CONTINUITY. This is because there is no “going back”, stumbles are eliminated and fluency is quickly developed.


Teachers can now effectively help pupils to improve their sight reading for their next exam or, more importantly, so that they can explore a wider repertoire on their own.


By using SightRead4Guitar at home, students have a reliable means of developing their skills independently of their teacher and sight reading practice will become meaningful, thorough and constructive.


There are 160 pieces written by the talented young Scottish composer and guitarist, Callum Dewar.

The App is endorsed by the distinguished guitarist Craig Ogden and the renowned Aquarelle Guitar Quartet.

Download now!

Each download from iTunes will come with streamed music from their CDs.

Keep up with the practise!

Get more out of your sight reading practise by first of all finding your most comfortable level (it might be two grades lower than your performance pieces!) and gradually increasing your confidence as you train your brain and eyes to “keep going”.

Simple way to purchase

The app is available in a range of packaged ‘bundles’ giving consumers purchasing flexibility in blocks of grades, e.g.Grades 1 – 3 priced at £10.49, Grades 4 – 5 £10.49, etc. The full set of eight grades is priced at £39.99.

Additional features

Dyslexic users of the SightRead4Guitar app will appreciate the facility whereby the colour of the screen can be changed to green. Likewise, those with hearing problems will benefit from the subtle flash incorporated into the metronome as an option – coloured pink during the ‘countdown’ and white during performance.

What they are saying about us..!

“SightRead4Guitar at last provides a fun solution to one of guitarists’ greatest challenges.”

The Aquarelle Guitar Quartet

“…my sight reading is already improving. It is so much more fun sight reading on an iPad so I’m doing far more than previously … Thanks again for inspiring me to do more sight reading!”

Judith – by email

“I am a fan of your app for iPad, in fact I have bought the complete collection.”

Manuel – by email

“I really think that you have a great app and will give you 5 stars in the App Store.”

Rupert – by email (Australia)

“Love the app. Using it daily with my students.”

Helen – by email

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