SightRead4 Piano

Breakthrough Sight Reading technique

The new technique trains the brain and the eye to achieve CONTINUITY in playing music.


This is because there is no “going back”, there is only one way to go – forward!
Thus errors are quickly eliminated and fluency is rapidly developed.


• Teachers can now explain much easier what students need to do to improve their sight reading and play with greater confidence.

• Students can use the app to study on their own. Their sight reading skills will improve much faster.

• Parents have now the ideal tool to help their child when practising at home.


On the SightRead4Piano app, there are over 1,100 pieces for all grades offering a broad range of music samples from 6 examination boards used in piano education worldwide:


- Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM)

- London College of Music (LCM)

- Royal Irish Academy of Music (RIAM)

- Rockschool

- Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB)

- Yamaha


Additionally, there is especially composed supplementary material available at all standards.

Download now! Download now!

Each download will come with streamed music from a Howard Shelley CD.

How to improve your sight reading skills further?

Just by practising every day and once you have gone through the appropriate grade level, go to the next grade and enjoy playing music!

Simple way to purchase

To make your study better organised and thus easier to progress, two Apps have been created: SightRead4Piano and ABRSMSightRead4Piano.

Additional features

Dyslexic users of the SightRead4Piano app will appreciate the facility whereby the colour of the screen can be changed to green. Likewise, those with hearing problems will benefit from the subtle flash incorporated into the metronome as an option – coloured pink during the ‘countdown’ and white during performance.

What they are saying about us..!

“Having experimented with the (SightRead4Piano) app, I was amazed at how quickly progress could be made. I was doubtful that any system – no matter how creative – could improve my woefully slow reading ability, but after several attempts I was hooked… It really does force the player to avoid getting bogged down in the detail.”

Claire Jackson – Editor – International Piano Magazine

“The tempo can be chosen by the player, allowing for a gradual increase in speed as skills are developed … This is an excellent tool for maintaining the tempo during performance.”

Carla Rees – Music Web International

“Without the chance to go back, the student is forced to carry on … Sight reading is more fun than chore with the new iPad piano app.”

Guy Weatherall –

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